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Mission Statement

We are a people oriented promotional business organization. Our primary goal is giving creative artist the opportunity to present their talents to the open consumer market of entertainment. We treat them with respect, honesty, trustworthiness and accountability. And we expect the same in return. Our goal is clear, we must help inspire personal growth and development to the income potential of their dreams.
It has always been our objective to establish ourselves in the entertainment industry as business agents. Promoting talented artist and entertainers of all ages, individuals, groups and talented animal pet actors.

About Us

Sacks Entertainment Consortium Inc. was founded in 1993 for the purpose of producing an umbrella of protection against unethical, deceitful and abusive business practices, by those, who intended to under mind the entertainment artist. We are a beacon of light and rebirth, into the next level, for the seasoned artist moving forwards.
We are a family like business organization with dedicated management and staff personal. As one of the executive members of Sacks Entertainment consortium Incorporated. We recognize and deeply appreciate the outstanding and splendid performance in loyalty of our management personal in their pursuit to listening and communicating with the client. Our entertainment coordinator and production Department staff will continue the Sacks commitment in the core belief, in a 100% excellent only to the audience, that we serve in producing a successful Gala Celebration.

“As an entertainment service provider!”

“We are the shield, that Guards
the road of entertainers”