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Ancient Greek Theme Party

With SACKS, you can enjoy the appearance of marble at your party event. Everyone can make a Grand entrance with the help of a Marble Look Flutted Archway with columns to give your event a focal point. Cardboard 73’x 94 ½”. The fluted marble archway is one-sided with a brown cardboard back.

These columns are lightweight, you can create a unique look in any setting. They’re ideal for Formals and other glamorous occasions. These adorable cardboard colums are available in 6ft, 4 ½ ft & 3ft.

Dress to Impress:

Greek Costume

Greek Ancient Woman

Gladiator Lion Helmet

Costume Belt/Sash

Ancient-Greek Garden Hedge Cardboard Stand Up:

Create a stunning scene at your next Garden-Theme event with those garden hedges stand up. Use multiples to define walkways to create an intricate scene. Cardboard 57 ¼” x 44 ½”.

Ancient-Greek Garden Hedge Cardboard Stand Up:

Plastic (2pcs. Per set) 30ft x 8ft

Perfect for a garden or Ancient Greece Prom or school dance! Makes a Great background for plenty of photo ops.

Ancient Greek God/Goddess Garden Statue Standups:

Go Classic in your party scene set-up with this Ancient Greek God or Goddess Statue stand ups. Each Cardboard stands approx. 29” x 6ft’. stand ups are one-sided with a brown cardboard back.

This complete Ancient Greek Party Package Includes:

  • Ancient Greek God or Goddess Garden Statue stand ups
  • Ancient Greek Garden Hedge -cardboard stand ups 57 ¼” x 44 ½”.
  • Greek mythology-Costume Belt/Sash. (5 total)
  • Athens Greek Garden Cypress Scene Backdrop Setter. Wall plastic, 30ft x 8ft.
  • Athens Wall Ancient Ruins, Hilly Landscape and Blue waters. Plastic; 9ft x 6ft.
  • Marble-Archway with Columns
  • 6ft Marble-Look Fluted Columns -1 set(s)
  • Athens VBS wall Posters- 1 set of 6 Total Cardboard
Starts: $1,190.00