Music your way!
Rock, Pop, R&B, House, Country, Jazz & Soul.

When it is your special Gala Event, give your friends, family, and guests the best! You choose the
best DJ package suitable to enhance your desired entertainment platform.

Economy Package

DJ Only.

Pricing $700 – $1000

Basic Package


Visual Effects – Bubble Machines.
Emcee – Introductions And Announcements.

Additional $700


Disco Mirror Ball Lighting Package

Dazzle your guests with a night-line star view. Our Rotating Mirror Ball is perfect for a Birthday Party, Wedding Reception, or Private Celebration Event.

The package includes:

  1. A Rotating Mirror Ball
  2. Two Moving Head Beam L.E.D Lighting Devices with Pan/Tilt degree wash effect. Also, with sound activation mode.
  3. Spot Lighting – all with DMX lighting controller.
Price $800

Deluxe Package/Showtime Theatre

Deluxe Package/Showtime Theatre

  1. DJ
  2. Emcee introductions. Performing artists singing songs to musical tracks.
  3. Visual effects included
  4. Moving head lighting devices.
  5. The Helicopter multi–effect lightning device.
  6. The Swarm – Three Dynamic laser beam lighting effects.
Price – $2500

All lighting devices illuminate the dance floor, changing colors and shapes and promoting memories.  Designed to project a nice color wash to the dance floor and can be synchronized to the flow of the music with sound activation if needed.

The best-dressed DJ in town with his amazing tracks and sounds and an extensive library of music and instrumentals as well!

For our concert, if you need an outstanding concert series sound system with compact monitor system microphones using digital or analog mixing boards. Sacks Entertainment is at your service, and Levi can make it happen!