Mardi Gras Entertainment

Give back and show your deepest appreciation. “WOW THEM,” with something different, they did not expect.

Mardi Gras Events Packages

Mardi Gras Events

$ 2500

Conference & Awards

$ 3500

“This ShowTime entertainment portion was created to interject total fun for your quest as you go into the closing hour of the celebration event. Sacks Entertainment would like to encourage good healthy circulation, happiness, and excitement with dance movements. Full of passion and euphoric feeling. Give your quest even more reason to celebrate.

What is included:

Mardi Gras costume style dancers.
High energy music.
Mardi Gras neck beads given to everyone.
Mardi Gras face mask given to everyone.
Limbo party stick fun presentation for all to enjoy.
They will talk about their fun tomorrow, the next day and the day after that!”

Can you see the style, visualize the fun! Give your Quest the Best. End the celebration with a “good old fashion, foot stomping and unforgettable night line extravaganza.”

A celebration of fun for all to enjoy. “Everyone”
Contact Sacks Entertainment and Say!!

K. Taylor & The Amazing Mardi Gras “Hot Six!”