Roaring 20’S Theme Party

Now, of course you’re going to want to welcome guest in style with this impressive Arch featuring a welcome message at the top! This impressive arch can be used as an entrance or a photo opp. Cardboard Personalized banners are in Giant, Medium and Small.

Welcome Archway With Columns

We recommend that you should consider using and add some Roaring 20’s Flare to your Celebration with a personal Banner!

Events Custom Banners

Considered Adding To Your Festivities, Some Welcomed Dancers Plus Some:

Flapper Costumed Woman

Swing Dancers

4ft. Gold Metallic Foil Fringe Chandelier

Hanging Column Of Stars And Stardust

Scroll Gate Stand Up

This eye-catching accent to your entryway will add to your 1920’s Theme Party or Prom with this faux gate. When you use it as part of your photo backdrop, it looks just like the real thing! It’s an amazing accent that will give your celebration vintage appeal. Cardboard

Band Silhouette Stand-Up Set

Silhoutte Swing Dancers:

Need a little help getting feet on the dance floor? Just add this Roaring 20’s Silhouette Swing Dancers stand-up to your party decorations to keep your dance floor swinging! This dance couple in use can be a simple way to keep your party looking full and fun!

3D Roaring 20’S Faux-Wall Sconces:

1 Set, will look perfect, framing the entryway to your event or as part of a photo booth. Cardstock material. 2pcs per unit

Roaring 20’S Yellow Roadster Car Stand:

This Complete Roaring 20’S Package Includes:

1 Welcome Archway with columns
1 Roaring 20’s Jointed Roadster Car sign Stand-Up
1 Roaring 20’s Scroll Gate Stand-Up
1 Band Silhoutte Stand-Up Trio
1 Roaring 20’s Silhoutte Swing Dancers w/feather headband
2 3D Roaring 20’s Faux Wall Sconces 2pc Set
6 Roaring 20’s Wall Decoration Posters
2 Roaring 20’s Jointed Columns

Starts @ $ 960.00