Sacks Entertainment Consortium Inc. is committed to being different when it comes to quality. We believe that the only “right way” to produce a successful event, is to provide the absolute best possible talent, equipment, and service in our view. It is in our hearts to simply do our very best for each of our clients and prospective clients for a fair price.

“This is Best Business Practice”

Wedding Packages include:

EMCEE dressed in appropriate elegant attire.
Basic setup 4 hours is a standard 2 speaker DJ system to fit most medium size rooms.
Professional sound system.
Wireless microphone.
Unlimited consultations.
Well defined written agreement form.

Typical investment range: $1,000 – $5,000, for most weddings.

Complete ceremony sound system with wireless or wired microphones for the ceremony. $300.00 Travel expenses, outside zip codes beginning with 191, $0.49 a mile round trip. Stairs with no elevator and/ or ramps start at $160.00 additional fee, requires hiring additional manpower in hauling DJ sound and lighting equipment upstairs. If elevator is not working at any time needed for setup or take down – no matter whose fault, client will pay for extra time and labor which may delay setup. This of course would be handled on a case by case basis and may limit the amount of gear that is brought up the stairs. $160.00 starting fee depending on the complexity of effort needed.